Creeping it Real

Happy Halloween, friends!

Do you have any spooktacular festivities planned for the day?

Any hayrides, hoedowns, pumpkin carvings or scary mazes?

We have all of those, and then some!

And, of course, trick or treating!

I think I get just as excited for that as the kids do.

Not that I sneak their candy or anything...ahem...

I can safely say that none of the above subjects were thrilled with taking these pictures.

I can also safely say that I love them so much I'd like to recreate them every year.

Also, you wouldn't believe it..or if you're from Montana you would, but we have snow on the ground now.

All of these beautiful leaves are now composted, and the ground is covered with snow.

I don't mind it so much

The kids love to sled, and I love the memories they're making.

Truly, who gets to sled down their driveway to catch the bus in the mornings?

I call that winning!

The above said subject of discontent.

Thank goodness she loves me.

She doesn't love the paparazzi.

I tried to get a picture of her wearing this sheet three different times that day.

She finally gave in and let me snap a few.

This was the final picture of every ounce of her dignity leaving her body.

Well, I'm off to get the kids in their costumes and off to school.

I'm also getting my own costume on...

That pic will NOT be included

-perks of being the photog-

My gym hosts a Halloween contest every year..this years theme is WWE wrestling...

Eat your heart out, Bret Hart ;)

I'll leave you with that.

Stay safe, friends!!! Happy Halloween!