Tis the season

Merry Christmas, Friends.

Was Santa good to you?

Are you stuffed to the gills from a delicious breakfast or lunch?

We've been up since four o'clock this morning.

I've had somewhere around eleventeen cups of coffee, and I'm pretty sure I can hear my hair growing. If I could add emojis, I'd put the one with the bug eyes next to that text. You know which one I'm talking about....

My darling husband is a Sheriff's deputy in the county next to ours and he has to work today. His shift started super early.

So, we decided to get the kids up early so we could be together on Christmas morning. There was no way the kids would have been able to wait until tonight to open their presents from Santa. That would be cruel and unusual punishment. I didn't want to wait either.

And though we know that the true reason for Christmas is the birth of Christ, there's something so special when you see the look of magic and excitement on a kids face when they wake up on Christmas morning.

It was magical.

There were lots of ohh’s and happy squeals.

Then, three perfectly assembled Lego sets, hundreds of laps down my hallway with scooters and our traditional biscuit and gravy breakfast, later, my kids are peacefully napping while I’m enjoying conversation with my family and revisiting thoughts from a busy month.

We crammed a ton of festivities into December.

One of my favorites, and the only one I photographed, was a cookie exchange party with a few of my closest girlfriends. We had a great time. It gave us a chance to take a breath and enjoy some fellowship with other mommies.

Refreshing in such a chaotic world.

Now I’m off to play a game of Sorry with my little sweet pea…and probably drink another cup of coffee.

I hope you have a great day!!