I never met a cookie I didn't like

Chocolate chip, Molasses, Sugar, Oatmeal....what's your favorite kind of cookie?

I love a good ole' classic chocolate chip cookie, but I'm not one to turn any kind of cookie down if it's offered.

My hubs loves chocolate chip cookie dough. I've gotten to where I rarely bake the dough into cookies. They always turn out flat and ugly anyway. So, I make the dough and freeze them in handy little dough balls; ready to be eaten however we decide.

Our favorite way to eat baked cookies is by baking them in a ramekin, then topping it with homemade vanilla ice cream. We call them cookie cups. It's a little slice of heaven. Or, cup of heaven, rather.

Dessert is my jam. I love to bake. And to eat.

It wreaks havoc on my hips though. ;) How does the saying go..."a moment on your lips, is a lifetime on your hips"...I'm learning that to be true the older I get.


Oh well. Everything in moderation, right?