Starting Fresh

Happy 2021!

Are you ringing in the New Year with black eyed peas, collards, ham and cornbread?


I grew up in the South and this meal was a New Years staple, but apparently it's not a thing in the western states. In fact, folks out here don't know of this traditional meal and the symbolic reason for serving it.

Do you?

It goes to say that eating black eyed peas will bring you good luck for the new year. Each pea equals one day of good luck. Get out your abacus and start counting.

Having greens, usually collards, represents money and the hope of financial stability.

Same goes for cornbread. The yellow bread represents gold coin.

The idea behind having ham is because pigs root the ground moving forward. So, ham is symbolic for a prosperous, forward moving, year!

After a year like 2020, I bet the grocery stores down south have bare shelves. Can you imagine? I think we all should be eating this today in hopes that we don't have another year like the last.


You might be wondering why I decided to start a blog.

I've been pondering a photography project for months, but hadn't felt compelled to do until now. It's a look into the life of my family farm from the perspective of my kitchen table. I want to share the things we do on the farm, while journeying through a new genre of photography via flat lay.

What, you may ask, is a flat lay?

Well, my friends, it's not fancy...but it's pretty cool. Flat lay is a photo of items arranged on a flat surface, taken from above.

Should be fun....right?! -> Insert emoji with the scared face <-

I had originally planned to use Instagram to showcase these pictures, recipes, quotes etc, but with new terms and conditions that IG has put upon it's users, I've decided to close my account with them and Facebook. I still want the ability to connect with distant family and friends while also allowing new and potential portrait clients to get to know me. How about that for a fresh and NEW year??!!

Any who. I hope you're excited to join me in this journey. Check back with me often. My goal is to post at least once a week. A 52 week challenge. Cheers to 2021!