A cut above the rest

How many times do you think I can say BEEF in this post?!

As beef farmers, we find ourselves with an abundance of delicious farm raised, grass fed, juicy....beef. As an -always hungry- family of five, abundance isn't a issue in our house.

We love to eat. Food is our love language, and there's nothing better or more satisfying than eating food from your own backyard.

As our children grow, their interest in farming grows too. They love helping out with the cows, spending time in the garden, and love to get hands on in the kitchen.

Yesterday we made a huge batch of sausage and pepperoni. In our jammies.

Because, why not?

All of the beef has to be seasoned and mixed with a little fat before heading into the grinder. Bubs was happy to volunteer as mixer. If there's a chance to get his hands messy he's game.

Grinding the beef helps to mix the seasonings and gives it a smooth texture to be piped into the sausage casings. It's a tough job, but he was up for the challenge.

What's more cool than cranking out sausage with your dad? Bonding over meat. That's a total man thing to do. By the way, this press is no joke. You have to have some serious muscle to crank this sucker. Bubs showed me up. He pushed out all 30 lbs of meat. Which is good because it gave me a chance to take pictures.

I wish I could make this picture a scratch and sniff. We decided to smoke all of our pepperoni and sausage with this batch. We allow the beef to cure in the fridge over night; so, first thing in the morning, my main squeeze get's the smoker all fired up and ready. The smell is mouthwatering. I'm not sure what's more impressive..the view or the sausage. Both are pretty incredible. We often find ourselves standing in the kitchen crowded around the table waiting for the meat to cool enough so we can snarf it down. That's what I'll be doing as soon as I finish writing.

If you read my last blog post, you know that blogging in very new to me.

Two posts new.

I'm trying to figure out a way to have emails sent to you when I create a new post and I'd also love to add a section for you to comment. I need a "blogging for dummies" book. Until I can get a handle on that, my goal is to stay consistent with posting on Friday's, but check back often!

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Thanks for following along with our adventures on the farm! Happy Friday.