Seeds, seeds....

Seeds, seeds

Are good for your heart

The more you sew, the more you start

The more you start, the crazier you'll feel

So plant your seeds, and learn to deal


I'm not going to lie. I've been thinking of that jingle alll week. And, it makes me laugh every time I sing it. It's good when you can laugh at yourself, right? I think I'm a comedian. I think I may be alone in thinking that too. Shrug

Oh well.

It's snowing here today. Finally. I'm usually dying for summer...but it's the winter, and we haven't had much snow ..and I feel like we've been kinda missing out. So, yay for the winter. Only winter. I don't want it in the spring. Got that, Montana?

Any who. It may be snowing, but I'm still in the planning stages for my garden. We got an early start on purchasing seeds this year.

My mother-in-law, I hate that title's too formal, and we are far from being formal... I need a new title, I should ask her what she wants to be called....sigh, thinking out loud today. Any who, she warned that we should order our seeds early this year, since we had a struggle finding seeds last year.

Apparently, everyone is trying to turn their thumbs green again, because there were several varieties that were already sold out.

I'm glad I listened to her

She'll love reading that. Love you, MIL. ;)

We're going to try our hands at saving seeds this year too. We don't want to have trouble finding seeds to our favorite garden freshies every year. Plus, it's a valuable skill. And, it will pay for itself over and over again.

How about you? Will you have a garden this year? What do you love to grow?

Isn't it so satisfying to pick fresh veggies from your yard? I love harvesting fresh food that my family has grown.

Happy farming Friday, friends! See you next week : )