Days like this

Today has been one of those days.

You know, the kind where you have a ton of things swirling though your brain, and you want to make a list, but you can't because none of your thoughts are complete enough to write down?

Ya, that's what I have going on today.

I have two, incoherent and incomplete, lists going. One upstairs on my desk, the other in the kitchen. Just incase I can sort through enough of the brain chatter to spew something out onto paper.

These strawberries have been super distracting too. I scored them at Costco yesterday, and they are incredibly delicious. I use to think that no strawberry could hold a candle to those I grew up eating in Plant City, but these are bomb dot com.

See, total randomness. At least that was a complete thought though.

I should just embrace it.

I was going to go into more detail about my cover photo, but I'm not sure I can even explain what's going on there. The items in the picture are just a few things rattling around in the lonely abyss of my brain.

Kids, no explanation needed there.

Supper....what in the world am I going to make tonight?!

Coffee, the elixir of life. I'd drink it all day if I could. Some days I do!

Paint swatches and flooring samples? Adding to our ever growing list of winter and summer projects. Super exciting though. :)

Life!! What a crazy and glorious one it is.

Oh, and a cookie cutter heart...because I need to get to moving on our Valentine goodies.

Did you catch all of that craziness?

Happy Friday, friends.